Thursday, December 24, 2009

We Broke Ground!

Well, we finally broke ground!  On Monday and Tuesday, Dec. 21-22, 2009, the lot was prepped for construction.  Technically, I thought "groundbreaking" was when they started to dig the foundation.  But after seeing everything that was done just to prep the lot, this clearly qualified as ground breaking as far as I am concerned.

Prepping the lot. (Click image for more photos.)

One of the first things that had to be done was to cut away a piece of the curb so that vehicles could drive onto the lot.  Well, it turns out they have a "tool" for everything.  Out comes this big machine designed specifically for cutting away sections of curb.  Pretty impressive blade on that thing!

Once the curb was cut away, they needed to clear away the snow.  Did I mention that we happened to get about 8 inches of snow two days prior to this?  But nothing to fear, a little snow blowing and bull dozing and the snow was easily pushed aside.

Next, the lot needed to be stripped and a construction driveway built.  This seemed to go pretty smoothly, with the exception of hitting a rock vein in the driveway area.  This is definitely not great news as it might be costly to create a modest sloping driveway.  For now, all we need is a construction driveway so we aren't going to worry about it.  If we hit more rock when we dig the foundation, we can decide what to do then.  Otherwise, we can worry about this much later.

To create the driveway, they had to dig down a fair ways and then pile in a bunch of small rocks for traction.  Meanwhile, the stripping was creating an impressive mountain of dirt.  Because of all the snow, it was pretty messy work.  But by the next day, things looked clean and beautiful.  Wow, I can hardly believe things are really starting to happen!

Lot all prepped. (Click image for more photos.)


HopsPop said...

Congratulations Jackson homebuilders!!! Kevin here (google account). Great stuff, keep posting, and good luck on your project

David and Virginia Jackson said...

Hi Kevin. Hope all is well. Things are really moving on the house right now. Within a couple of weeks, it should actually look like a house.

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