Friday, December 11, 2009

A Sort-of Groundbreaking

On Friday, December 11, 2009, we broke ground...sort of.  What we really did was to dig some test holes to see what the rock situation might be like.  In that sense, we didn't really start construction so this doesn't really count as "groundbreaking" in my mind.  The good news is that we hit no rocks whatsoever!  Yahoo!

We have been quite worried about running into a big rock problem on this lot.  This part of Carlisle is known for having a lot of limestone.  The neighbors on one side of us had to do a lot of blasting, adding significant costs to the excavation.  The neighbors on the other side hit nothing when digging their foundation (although they hit rock when trenching to the street).  Obviously, we'd like to avoid rock if at all possible.

You'll notice that there is snow on the ground in the photos.  We got a little snow about a week ago and have been in a bit of a cold spell lately.  It looks like things are going to warm up a bit in the coming weeks, but this is definitely going to be a winter building project.  Brrrr.

Digging test holes. (Click image for more photos.)

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Sarah Raley Bentz said...

Thanks David for documenting your monumental project! It will be fun to follow your progress vicariously. We wish you the best of luck!!

From the sounds of the initial testing for rock, you can count your blessings. Up here in the Poconos, we've had to bla$t out some $edimentary bedrock and 18 wheeler-sized glacial bolder$.

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