Thursday, March 31, 2011

Visiting Hours are 1:00-5:00

The March 26 open house was a big success. We had a steady stream of people from 1:00 until 5:00 and probably had 60-70 total visitors. And the weather cooperated perfectly. A few days before the open house we got a cold spell. This allowed us to fire up the masonry heater so it would be good and warm when the visitors were here. To top it off, we set a solar record by generating 35 kWh of energy on Saturday (and then set a new record the very next day!). All in all, we were quite busy talking with everyone and had a really good time. It seemed like everyone who visited thought the event was worthwhile. I certainly hope so.

Robin talks with some visitors (Click image for more photos.)

 Bridlewood Builders organized the event and both Terry and Robin were kept busy talking the entire time. Brian Klipfel of Fireworks masonry was also present and was a popular figure. It seems a number of folks showed up mainly to see and learn more about masonry heaters. We would have loved an opportunity to go and visit a freshly-fired masonry heater when we were planning this house; we hope it helped to see (and feel) one right up close - and talk with the man who built it!

Brian discusses heaters (Click image for more photos.)

In addition to Bridlewood Builders (and Bob, who helped build the house), Stan Kuhn from Energy Auditors was on hand to discuss the results of the energy analysis. It's quite impressive to see how much goes into such an analysis. I'm drafting a future blog entry on some of the details of the energy audit and what they mean. Check back for more details soon.


Thomas said...

It is wonderful to see how well your project turned out! I regret that I wasn't able to be involved in more of the design process and I'm sorry that I missed your open house.

Larry Stouffer said...

My brother who lives in the Shippensburg area sent me as copy of the "patriot" article. I spent my formative years a D'son '64-'68 and after many construction years landed on smart energy efficient construction practices. We do solar and have for years, doing it before it was even on the radar. My hope has always been to read success stories like yours, eventhough we don't know one another, I feel as though we are turning the corner. Thanks!

David and Virginia Jackson said...

Hi Larry - good to hear from a Dickinson alumn! It's truly a small world. I agree, I think the time is finally here for energy efficiency to begin to take center stage!

Thomas - what a surprise to hear from you! It would have been nice to see you at the open house. Hope all is well.

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